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One rainy day in New York, New York! My daughter was getting out of her class and as it started raining, she grabbed her Infiniti Scarf, opened it up and wrapped it up to cover her head and run to the Subway. She called me once she got to her place and said, Mama someone needs to come up with an Infiniti Scarf that has one side of it as a waterproof material so it can be used for multi-purpose. A light bulb went on in my brain as I really wanted to help her and keep her safe from getting soaked. Research started at my end. Around the same time my son gifted me a Gortex raincoat, very thin and breathable. I put the two pieces of the puzzle together and DOLFINWARE was born. Just a simple thought from my daughter who didn’t think much of it when she said it to me first. She is super excited now!


I came up with the name Dolfinware as I was looking for something to do with water and ware like in warehouse or a place you can buy things of a particular type, in our case a line of waterproof, functional and fashionable products. Over the years we have traveled around the World and have always loved watching Dolphins / Dolfins and Whale watching. It seemed to be a good fitting name for a family business.

Phone number (800) 513-6461
E-mail address info@dolfinware.com
Location address 10001 GEORGETOWN PIKE, UNIT 484 GREAT FALLS, VIRGINIA 22066